Our first home

Wow, Lord. You’ve blessed us so. Daniel and I got the keys to our first place yesterday. We were so elated, taking photos of the custom key duplicates and looking at them in our hands.

After we went shopping for blinds, we went to our new home and ate our first meal together—Cook Out—standing up in the kitchen by the bar. It was dark out, and all we could do was eat and look at eachother. We were standing in our new kitchen. And, it was perfect. We shared our first kiss in our home, and anointed the doorposts. We prayed over the home and asked the Lord to bless it and everything in it.

These are photos of the inside of the home! UgH I’m so elated! I’m so grateful I cannot say enough. God is good!!!! Look at the stairs, the Lord loves us– the carpet before had tons of stains throughout so we mentioned it to them and the replaced they carpet for us! Great God, it was blue before! At first I didn’t like the blue but I just knew it would grow on me. Daniel took these photos, the second one is of the master. Ughh the bay window we’re so excited about. You can do so much with that– pillows, long drapes. Wow I opened the windows and let the fresh air in, felt the breeze, what a joy. The closet on the right is the walk-in closet. It’s pretty big, we’re happy.

The walls are so bare, but we are so looking forward to decorating, I’m gleaming!! I went through and cleaned up the entire home (soap and water bucket with a clorox solution), washed the sinks up, toilets and tubs. Scrubbed the kitchen, did the refrigerator, ran the dishwasher. All for my boo so it would be clean for him when he stays there tonight. And fresh for me when I return after the wedding!!

Thank God and Lord bless our home!,