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The “Women Living Well” Blog


Wowie, HOW on earth have I come across this blog?–ย This blogger has every ideology on parenting, homemaking, and being a godly wife that I could have ever imagined. Of course, the Lord led me to it from Twitter (I am following all of my favorite things on there). If I did not know any better, I would think that I was reading posts that I had written myself.

I mean, look at this one on modesty:ย  How many Americans in this society can say that modesty is a lifestyle, or even a concept that they embrace? I actually just began wearing skirts last year when I met my fiance. It is a practice that some women in the Pentecostal church believe in. I recall one time the Lord telling me personally, “be not zealous over much.” So, this told me that it was not a requirement of Christians (wearing skirts), but instead a sacrifice, and a service unto the Lord in order to honor Him with your whole body.

I do feel like this blog will be a favorite of mine. I mean, just her video post titles “How to Communicate Your Needs to Your Husband,” “Learning to Submit,” and “The Importance of Intimacy in Marriage,” have me drawn in and wanting more. Enjoy!

Best in Christ,


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My Wedding Decor!! (All handmade)


I have been doing my wedding planning lately!! Today I put my table numbers together. We’re not doing place cards, but I have added the table numbers in for decor. These are all handmade!! I bought some dark brown 12×12 cork boards from Michael’s and layered them (3 layers) into 2×2 blocks. Hot glued them together (in stacks) and punctured the top with the table number pick!


I love them!! Now looking at them, they look like little brownie squares! They already look so perfect next to the mason jar centerpieces; and I haven’t even assembled everything yet!

The top of the picks have my tiffany blue color for the table card numbers, and a black and white damask pattern:


I got these online from David’s Bridal. Of course, mine do not have the silver holder, but instead the tall black sticks I assembled above (top photo). It looks really good! Soo, these table numbers will be placed next to my centerpieces, which are the country mason jars (32oz), with a vanilla candle inside to add a touch of romance.ย At first I was going to have the candles floating in water like the photo below, but now I’m just going to go ahead and use birdseed instead, so my guests may take the jars home as a keepsake.

Here is where I drew my inspiration for my mason jars:


And, here are MY mason jars that I designed and created below!!


(I will be adding the birdseed–no sunflower seeds in the birdseed–in order for the guests to carry these off when they leave. I love the idea of the “floating” candle, but guests will not be able to tote an opened jar of water off with them, that’ll be messy).


It says “Please feel free to take centerpiece jars after the reception. One per guest, please.”

Ahh!!! I’m CRAZY excited!!!,

Whitney & Daniel