Mail De-cluttering!

My sweetheart was just complaining to me how he wished he had some way to store our incoming mail. I opened an e-mail from (a website that I am subscribed to), and I stumbled upon this article: “How to Organize Your Mail.” So fun, lol. I cannot wait to read this. I am literally in love with this new website. It has everything… and, I mean everything– That I am looking for. It is as if it was “made” for me. I thought TheKnot (about weddings) was great, but now that we are in the next stage, TheNest (about settling down with your sweetheart) is better than I could have ever imagined. I am taken back a little, I’m just so grateful. And, humbled.

Just glancing over the article, it appears as though my husband and I both are “Stockpilers!” Lolll.

Here’s the Article:


What’s Your Mail Style?

from The Nest Editors


You have several mail piles around the house: one in the kitchen, one in the hallway, and one in the bedroom. Things get lost, misplaced, or ruined because they’re not where you thought they were, leaving yourself to wonder, now what did I do with the cell phone bill?

Solution: You need one spot for all things mail-related. “The kitchen is good,” says Donna Smallin, author of The One-Minute Organizer, “or wherever the most central location would be — on a desk in the den, on a hall table.” The important thing is to create a good system and stick to it, with the help of trays, baskets, or file holders. Label each container for different categories: “Bills to Pay,” “Things to File” or “To Do.” Also, clean out each file regularly. If you’re short on counter space, buy a hanging bin. Purchase a fridge file, which attaches magnetically to the refrigerator.


You keep every last piece of mail, just in case. No catalog or pack of coupons do you throw away until you’ve read each and every page (sometimes twice!). You just never know what you’ll need, right pack rats?

Solution: “Get your brain in gear about mail, and recognize that you don’t need to read everything that comes to the house,” says Smallin. Sort the mail over the recycle can and toss the junk right away. “If you have catalogs and magazines you like to look at,” Smallin says, “put them in a place where you like to read — the bathroom, bedside table, etc. When the bin gets full, go through it and purge.”


You wait and wait (and wait) to open or send mail. And then you find the bigger the pile, the more daunting the task. Not a great feeling, right?

Solution: Stop the insanity…or at least get a system for dealing. Sort your mail right over the trash bin so you can get rid of the junk from the get-go. Buy yourself a stylish bag (to hold your mail) that you won’t be embarrassed to carry. Set aside a particular time to deal with the bag (each night while watching Jon Stewart, each week on the boring TV night, or every few weeks, depending on how much mail you get), and mark it on your calendar. “It’s very efficient if you can keep your checkbook and a roll of stamps nearby,” Smallin says. “That goes for return address labels, pens, envelopes, blank thank-you notes, and stationery as well.”

Brutal thrower-outters

You toss almost everything, sometimes to find you need it later — or, even worse, that someone has stolen it from your trash can. Throwing away is a good habit, say the experts, but do it smartly.

Solution: First off, see the multipiler solution for sorting and filing bills and important documents. No matter how much you hate clutter, you cannot chuck everything. You’ll find that the envelope you threw out just might have been something you needed. For everything else, an inexpensive shredder (or a roaring fire in the fireplace) is key. You can get a decent shredder for less than $30 at most office-supply stores. Ramona Creel, a professional organizer and founder of recommends a cross-cut shredder, which cuts the paper vertically and horizontally — so all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could never put that document back together again. Creel advises against the “stick” shredders that attach to your trash can because they aren’t well-made and often break.

What to shred? Anything with your name and an account number or info that could be used to set up an account in your name.

Nix the Bad Mail

Perhaps the best way to deal with loads of unwanted mail is to stop it from coming in the first place. Here are a few ways to do that:

Snail Mail

Pay bills online. This reduces the amount of paper that comes into your house. For even more peace of mind, call or write letters to all of the companies you deal with (utility, cable, phone, etc.) to let them know you don’t want to be sent any “new offers.” Opt out. Call 888-5-OPT-OUT, and you’ll stop getting those pesky “you’ve been preapproved” credit card offers.

Sign up with The Direct Marketing Association’s Mail Preference Service at You can expect to see a reduction in unwanted mail after about three months.

Hit the database companies.

They sell your name relentlessly, so request to be taken off their lists. Or have a site ( or do the dirty work for you. (FYI: While costs less than $20, is free of charge.) Return to sender. Send back prepaid business reply mail with a note saying, “Remove me from your mailing list.” The company still has to pay for the postage and you get your message across.


Take some time. Reading and responding to your email can often interfere with your productivity, so if you receive more than 20 emails a day, designate one hour a day for personal email.


Install a spam filter, like Cloudmark Desktop filter, voted best by PC Magazine. Get multiple accounts. To keep spam out of your primary email account and your work account, set up an account to make all your online purchases and inquiries through. That way, all junk mail goes there instead of to your real email account.

Know when to fold(er) them.

Create folders and rules for your most often received mail (mom, spouse, etc). This will help you avoid email overload. Hit delete. Clear your inbox of messages that have received a response. That way the only ones that are in your inbox will be those that require an action or response.

— The Nest Editors


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Marriage Memorandum!

just married 🙂

These are all of the sweet, thoughtful congratulatory messages from after the wedding!

WOW you are now a Wilson welcome to the family you know you have much love from me ~Jonathan Wilson

Congratulations and the absolute best to the both of you 🙂 Enjoy your blessings for the rest of your lives. ~Scott Hampton

My beautiful children. ~Patricia Logan Jenkins

Hey Whit. I thought about u the other day and I all could see is this pretty lil girl with pony tails…lol…tomorrwo ur life will change for the better and I just want to say that I’m happy for u and I pray that God will bless ur marriage in ways that u can’t imagine. I pray for happiness,peace and lots of love for the both of you. I hope u have a wonderful day tomorrow and don’t let ANYBODY still ur JOY!! OMG! Your gonna be a married women tomorrow!! Sweet! Live Laugh Love!! ~Eboni Clegg

Tears of great joy! God be praised. Beautiful! ~Alice Wade Davis

Marriage is wonderful experience enjoy every moment ~Stacy DeVaughn Phillips

Great!!!!! Thats why i LOVE GOD. He always works everything out! Send me some pics when u can. ~Antonia George

Congratulations…what a beautiful couple! God bless you both! ~Melinda Bradford Pope

Congratz to you & Mrs Wilson!! ~Rose Wyche

Congrats to you both! Glad we could witness the ceremony! ~Theresa Phillips

God knew what he was doing congrats. ~Aaron Johnson

First I want to say congratulations on your wedding! I wish you all the best, I can’t wait to see the pictures…I’m sure you’re going to be beautiful 🙂 ~Shana Simpson

She is beautiful and I’m so loving that proud look you got! Mr and Mrs Wilson!!! Congrats! ~Janet Hawley

love to you and my brand new niece….. auntie~ Congrats… ~Mary Harris Phillips

Congratulations Daniel and Whitney may God Bless Your union. ~Anita Whitney Freeman

Congratulations Daniel and Whitney ~Hal Reeser

Congratulatoin Daniel and Whitney , nothin can stop you both, but you. Be bless. Dr. Hooper. ~Frederick Hooper


its so lovely when two people find each other and find out that there love is real yours is be blessed and love each other ~Kithia Gray

Congratulations, I am sooooo Happy for the both of you. It is good to see that God Is still blessing his people be encouraged and I Love ya’ll both. ~Phelisha Rose

Daniel and Whitney I am so glad for you both thank God that He is not slack concerning His promises what He said He will do. you both wanted this from the Lord your desires was to be in the perfect will of God just stay faithful enjoy getting to know each others laughter tears pains joys sorrows and watch how you grow I love and is truly bless to have been there to witness such glorious annointing birthing of two bodies and spirits becoming one no more two but one. ~Janice Wilson Jones

Words can’t express my profound happiness for you two! ~Alice Wade Davis

Congrats again Cuz, it was good seeing you and meeting your bride. ~Harold AllaboutOthers Wilson

Congrats 2 u n Whitney on ur wedding day. Stay committed 2 God n u will stay committed 2 each other! God Bless u both! ~Karen Jones-English

Congrats man…it’s a beautiful feeling to be married to the love of your life.. May God bless y’all! ~Michael Cherry

Wow I’m excited bro! I pray for you guys happiness and a love filled wedding day!and life together. Per-congrats!!! ~Michael Harris

I’m so happy for you! ~Kim Moore

Yay!!!! Congratuations Daniel!!! I hope ya’ll have a beautiful and blessed weddin day and I wish ya’ll many many years of blessings and happiness together!!!! ~Monica Allen

I look forward to hearing ur story bc u two are truly blessed and ur union will be used to change the masses ~Constance

Thank you both for being an example to dating couples everywhere. ~Scott Hampton

PTL Daniel…. It is indeed s beautiful day and a beautiful day to get married. This day has been ordained by God to change your life forever. You will never be the same. As you make this transition from being single to being unioned together with the woman that good has placed in your life, always remember God is first. Let all of your decisions reflect the influence of God. God put to two together and only God can separate you. You will be richly blessed and receive all that God had destined for you.Much love my brother…. ~Shawn Logan

Congratulations on your marriage… it is encouraging to see God’s faithfulness in your life 🙂 ~Joslyn Johnson

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Tonight’s Dinner for 2


This is my fourth full meal for me and baby since I’ve been married. I think that I am becoming a natural in the kitchen! I have learned to improvise and really pull together some good stuff.  Boo was really feeling the whole “hamburger helper” thing, so I made that for him. We had hamburger helper with ground turkey and parmesan, garlic toast and fresh organic salad with peppercorn. It was great!! Afterward, he came to give me a kiss, and was smiling. I said “They SAY, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach..” He said “Now that’s the truth.” Lol. We really enjoyed eachother tonight.


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Menu Plan Monday!


I am a newlywed now, so I’m getting a kick out of preparing

and cooking meals! So much fun!!

Last Week:

  • Broccoli & cheese rice
  • Baked chicken
  • Butter rolls
  • Organic salad


  • Salmon
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Garlic bread
  • Salad

This Week:

  • BBQ chicken
  • Squash and cheese
  • Bread
  • Organic Salad

So I only have one meal planned for this week, but it’s a start! 😉


ETA: Dinner tonight turned out good!!



I told Daniel, the cheese squash tasted just like my mom’s!!! I even texted my parents and sisters, and told them how good my meal turned out!! 🙂

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Myrtle Beach Vacay! Me n Hubby!

I’ve been waiting to blog like this, and just call boop my “husband” and ugh, it’s a great feeling! I told him I was more excited about the marriage and honeymoon than I was about the actual wedding!! For one, the marriage is what lasts, and the wedding is one day!! WE HONEYMOONED IN MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA! Sweetie had never been to Myrtle Beach, if you can believe it! My family and I grew up taking trips to Myrtle Beach so it was a DELIGHT to see him there, happy and enjoying his first time on their beach. WOW, so much fun!!

We knew we wanted to do something small for the day after the wedding, like  a short vacation since Daniel had to go back to work that mid-week. So, we took a short 3 day, 2 night trip to the beach! Let me tell you!! It was so amazing! We got to relax out on the shore, walk in the water and just enjoy each other! We had VALET PARKING the entire time we were there! I tell you, our brother CJ is the best– this was his wedding gift to us. Oh God is good! So, valet parking every day. Any time we wanted our vehicle, we just called the valet service and it was out back waiting for us! I felt like such a princess! Imagine waking up every day to this!

boo with his new shades hehehe!

An entire kitchen, big refrigerator, stovetop, coffeemaker– dishwasher!! Washer & dryer!! Wooo!! I was so elated! We had a good time! The joy of the Lord, when he sets every thing in motion, there is nothing that you Will lack! We went to the grocery store to pick up some water and cold cuts for the cooler, and a beach chair for Daniel. We even stopped in one of the WHALES and EAGLES shops to purchase a set of sun shades! We were styling! Daniel had his cute straw hat and I brought my blue beach towel. We enjoyed hanging out and being newlyweds!!

we were on the 14th floor! (that building behind me!)

It was so great riding along the strip, Ocean Blvd. I tweeted from Foursquare, how I was on the strip with my beloved. I felt like we were cruising! On Cloud 9! It was almost like were were in a drop top, cruising along the shore with the wind in our faces! HUMM!! I’m in love!! Nothing can stop us now, oh glory the JOY of the Lord is my strength, I feel like giving God glory. Thanks, Jesus! ❤

Our suite was glorious, balcony overlooking the ocean– we were on the 14th floor!! I took a photo from our balcony:










Whitney & D

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He Made Me Breakfast!


So, I wanted to brag on my sweetie some. This morning he brought me breakfast in bed! I couldn’t believe it! He mentioned something about it last night, but I didn’t believe him. And, this morning– I wake up to scents of a lovely breakfast made just for me! Just as I was waking, here comes baby walking in with a tray of grits, butter toast, turkey sausage, eggs and COFFEE! (He hates coffee, but he knows I love it and he made it just for me!! With milk and sugar too!!) My baby loves me!!! He made me smile so much!!

I love you!!!!


P.S. Have I mentioned we’re newlyweds? One week!

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Bridal Shower Bliss!

unmarried (minus me ;))

So, you won’t believe the time I had at my very first bridal shower. The girls at Church threw me one and I was so surprised. My face lit up with excitement, and I was slightly scared! Lol. There was a decorated chair at the front of the room with tissue paper and balloons hanging. I was like uh-oh, what on earth! I didn’t know what was going to happen, lol!

Nevertheless, the girls at the Church really looked out for me and hooked me up with a beautiful bridal shower. I got tonnnns of lingerie, and now I will not have to buy any for my wedding night. Just wow, very happy. We had a laughing good time. Such fun.

Thanks again to my church peeps! You guys are great! I say “bliss” because it’s almost my wedding day!! And, “bliss” because the girls in there were wild! I did not expect that from Church peeps, weeeheheheheheheeee! Whew, a few gag gifts that almost made me cry (laughing!). The girls in there were having a whooping good time. I was embarrassed, put on the spot, and even given a little married-folk wisdom. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.


God’s Best,