Marriage Memorandum!

just married 🙂

These are all of the sweet, thoughtful congratulatory messages from after the wedding!

WOW you are now a Wilson welcome to the family you know you have much love from me ~Jonathan Wilson

Congratulations and the absolute best to the both of you 🙂 Enjoy your blessings for the rest of your lives. ~Scott Hampton

My beautiful children. ~Patricia Logan Jenkins

Hey Whit. I thought about u the other day and I all could see is this pretty lil girl with pony tails…lol…tomorrwo ur life will change for the better and I just want to say that I’m happy for u and I pray that God will bless ur marriage in ways that u can’t imagine. I pray for happiness,peace and lots of love for the both of you. I hope u have a wonderful day tomorrow and don’t let ANYBODY still ur JOY!! OMG! Your gonna be a married women tomorrow!! Sweet! Live Laugh Love!! ~Eboni Clegg

Tears of great joy! God be praised. Beautiful! ~Alice Wade Davis

Marriage is wonderful experience enjoy every moment ~Stacy DeVaughn Phillips

Great!!!!! Thats why i LOVE GOD. He always works everything out! Send me some pics when u can. ~Antonia George

Congratulations…what a beautiful couple! God bless you both! ~Melinda Bradford Pope

Congratz to you & Mrs Wilson!! ~Rose Wyche

Congrats to you both! Glad we could witness the ceremony! ~Theresa Phillips

God knew what he was doing congrats. ~Aaron Johnson

First I want to say congratulations on your wedding! I wish you all the best, I can’t wait to see the pictures…I’m sure you’re going to be beautiful 🙂 ~Shana Simpson

She is beautiful and I’m so loving that proud look you got! Mr and Mrs Wilson!!! Congrats! ~Janet Hawley

love to you and my brand new niece….. auntie~ Congrats… ~Mary Harris Phillips

Congratulations Daniel and Whitney may God Bless Your union. ~Anita Whitney Freeman

Congratulations Daniel and Whitney ~Hal Reeser

Congratulatoin Daniel and Whitney , nothin can stop you both, but you. Be bless. Dr. Hooper. ~Frederick Hooper


its so lovely when two people find each other and find out that there love is real yours is be blessed and love each other ~Kithia Gray

Congratulations, I am sooooo Happy for the both of you. It is good to see that God Is still blessing his people be encouraged and I Love ya’ll both. ~Phelisha Rose

Daniel and Whitney I am so glad for you both thank God that He is not slack concerning His promises what He said He will do. you both wanted this from the Lord your desires was to be in the perfect will of God just stay faithful enjoy getting to know each others laughter tears pains joys sorrows and watch how you grow I love and is truly bless to have been there to witness such glorious annointing birthing of two bodies and spirits becoming one no more two but one. ~Janice Wilson Jones

Words can’t express my profound happiness for you two! ~Alice Wade Davis

Congrats again Cuz, it was good seeing you and meeting your bride. ~Harold AllaboutOthers Wilson

Congrats 2 u n Whitney on ur wedding day. Stay committed 2 God n u will stay committed 2 each other! God Bless u both! ~Karen Jones-English

Congrats man…it’s a beautiful feeling to be married to the love of your life.. May God bless y’all! ~Michael Cherry

Wow I’m excited bro! I pray for you guys happiness and a love filled wedding day!and life together. Per-congrats!!! ~Michael Harris

I’m so happy for you! ~Kim Moore

Yay!!!! Congratuations Daniel!!! I hope ya’ll have a beautiful and blessed weddin day and I wish ya’ll many many years of blessings and happiness together!!!! ~Monica Allen

I look forward to hearing ur story bc u two are truly blessed and ur union will be used to change the masses ~Constance

Thank you both for being an example to dating couples everywhere. ~Scott Hampton

PTL Daniel…. It is indeed s beautiful day and a beautiful day to get married. This day has been ordained by God to change your life forever. You will never be the same. As you make this transition from being single to being unioned together with the woman that good has placed in your life, always remember God is first. Let all of your decisions reflect the influence of God. God put to two together and only God can separate you. You will be richly blessed and receive all that God had destined for you.Much love my brother…. ~Shawn Logan

Congratulations on your marriage… it is encouraging to see God’s faithfulness in your life 🙂 ~Joslyn Johnson


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