It’s A Boy!

Haha, I bet you didn’t even know we were pregnant. Well, hubby and I found out that we had conceived on March 20, the first day of Spring, and 10 days after we got married.


We had an ultrasound 17 weeks into my pregnancy and found out that our little one is a boy. Each time I think of a BOY, I smile. I come from a family of 5 with 2 sisters, no brothers. And my oldest sister has a little girl. So, this baby will be the first little boy in our family. How amazing God is.

We got into the ultrasound room with our nurse, Ms. Hannah. She said she saves the best part until the end, which is the gender of the child. I was enjoying seeing his sweet little hands come across the screen, and his baby foot print, which was only 1 inch in length. He was snuggled up in there and Ms. Hannah said this little boy was an active one. She also mentioned how they’d had a trend in girl births all week, and this was the first little boy 🙂

While glancing at the screen, I raised my head a bit from the table I was laying on, and I saw little boo’s thingamabob. I said, “Is that the shot?!” As in, is that the baby shot we were looking for to determine the gender? She said YES, and that little Daniel was a boy.

Me and Daniel couldn’t stop smiling at eachother. I wanted to savor this moment. We kept looking at eachother with happiness. We were grateful and were thanking God. I knew all along that baby was a boy because my appetite had increased and I was eating an insane amount of food. I read in “What to Expect While You’re Expecting,” that if you are eating more than usual, that’s a tell-tale sign that you are having a boy. From that moment on, I knew.

Whitney & Daniel


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