Christmas Baby Photo Album!


This is the cutest little thing I’ve seen! It’s a “Baby’s First Christmas” frame and photo album. The frame is very festive and detailed, I believe it is ceramic. And, the album is plush! It is so soft!! I am so glad I picked these up. A woman on a local yard sale site was selling them and they were still in the box and everything! Only $8 for the two! So cute, I know his little photo will be so precious in there 🙂

Happy 🙂 🙂


37 weeks, 5 days Pregnant

How far along: 35 weeks and 5 days
Total Weight Gain: 35 lbs, yikes and *screeecch!*
Stretchmarks: Oh yea, and very dark and noticible. You can even feel them, they are 3D and ugly! Lol. Good thing I plan on wearing a Belly Bandit after giving birth.
Sleep: Not too bad, it’s hard to lift him when he’s nestled on one side while I’m laying down 🙂
Best Moment This Week: Getting little keepsakes for him, like a “Baby’s First Christmas” decorative photo frame and photo album. From last week it was knowing that I wasn’t having any issues from the pregnancy at my OB appointment. And for the week before that when I was 35 weeks the best part was seeing him on the ultrasound monitor suckling on his baby thumb!!! Daniel (my husband) attested to it too. He would suckle a little and you could see it clear as day moving on the screen, then he’d stop. And he’d suckle some more and then he’d stop. It was the sweetest thing! Me and Daniel still make the little sounds that we think he’d make if we saw him suckling right now. So adorable!!!
Movement: He still rolls and stretches out. Also, his FOOT or HEEL is always in the same spot, so much that it is achy if I let it sit like that for too long. Lol, it just protrudes out and my skin covers it. So funny how it stays in the ONE spot!
What I Miss: Nothing yet, just waiting on my little boy!
What I am Looking Forward to: Seeing him!!!! 🙂 and my 12 weeks of leave-time from work!!
Milestones: (see above on suckling), he is measuring one week ahead, his foot is 3 inches long, and two weeks ago he was weighing in at 6.5 lbs, give or take one pound.