Financial Matters

Omg, Happy January 1! Watching Suze Orman, so happy, learning so much ~ Ready to take action steps to “Create my new American Dream.” I am taking all of my student loans out of forbearance after watching this. What she said is the truth ~ the loans are just growing, and GROWING! Omg. She said that the government could garnish your wages and your social security. Gee, not here. Lord help me to be a saver, it is not easy!

I do have a full-time job and I am so graciously grateful. And, not just a job, but a job that I love and people that I ENJOY seeing every day! I work at a Christian non-profit organization about 45 miles out and it really is a dream. I get to help kids, build strong bonds with them and my co-workers, come together for the greater good of the children and really make a difference in someone’s life ~ All with Christ’s stamp of approval since it is a Christian/Baptist organization. The LORD has provided thanks to my undergrad degree, I am grateful!!


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