Little Things

Omg, I love these litle tid bits from Babycenter! Lord knows at times I need a little refresher. Praise the Lord! A little bible reading in here sounds great, too!

Your life: Pick-me-ups

You don’t need to make big plans to lift your spirit and feel refreshed. Here are some ideas for little things you can do to revive your energy and enthusiasm:

Practice a yoga pose. These exercises can be easy, and you can fit them in at a moment’s notice. Remember to breathe deeply. If yoga’s not for you, take ten minutes to stretch and breathe deeply.

Take a bath. So what if you showered in the morning? Light some candles, play some music, and treat yourself to a sumptuous soak.

Escape through reading. Spending time with a good book or magazine can be a great distraction and will help keep your intellect revved as well. Finishing a book (even a few pages at a time) can also make you feel like you’ve accomplished something for yourself.

Get a makeover. Even a mini-makeover will do. Treat yourself to a salon visit for a manicure, pedicure, or haircut.

Shop online. Even if you don’t buy, “window shopping” is diverting and fun.

Help someone out. It’s amazing how good it can feel to do something small for someone else, like making a meal for a new family in your neighborhood.

Take a walk. Getting outside can be a sure-fire mood booster. Take your baby in the stroller — and if you want, make your stroll a workout.

All of these seem like the perfect little thing! 🙂

Be Blessed,



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