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When I see this typography, all I can think about is how glorified the Lord is among His people, and His perfected infinite nature. The word “worthy” means so much, and the word “worthy” painted onto a star-filled galaxy signifies even more. Galaxies signify the largest areas outside of this earth that are beyond comprehension and beyond our scope. They signify greatness and they signify a vast amount of space.

Once we are saved, the God of the infinite galaxies, the starstruck skies calls us worthy. The God of all of that, and more, calls us worthy. But, not only does He make us worthy once He saves us and sets us free – we call Him worthy because of who He is to us, and who He is in our lives.

I feel so grateful that the God of this universe has made me worthy. Worthy of His calling, worthy of His blessings, worthy of His love.