Mommy’s Third Baby Boy


My husband and I had our 18 week ultrasound this week and gender was also confirmed. We are having a healthy THIRD baby boy!!! My husband and I could not be any more excited!! The doctor said that he is growing so well! At our first ultrasound the technician said that he was measuring one week ahead, so she changed my due date from August 11 to August 4. I nearly was going to have a baby on MY birthday!

I prayed for 4 boys before we conceived any children and even before I was married, yet all my dreams are coming true RIGHT NOW!!! So grateful!! My sons are so excited to have another brother join our troop. My husband is 1 of 9 children, and 1 of 7 boys!! It’s in our genes!!

At our appointment my obstetrician Dr. Ferguson said that she is so happy with my weight gain. I have gained only the weight of the baby as of right now – which is 8 ounces!! She said that I am doing everything right in terms of that. His heartbeat was 147 before my nutri-grain bar, and up to 156 after I ate it! When our ultrasound technician, Ms. Dana did our ultrasound, little boo was laying on his side. It was the cutest thing to see him positioned in there, and so comfortable.

She gave us a print out with tons of ultrasound photos. We saw his little spine, his fingers and toes, and his little baby profile. This baby was planned, and I told my husband that I am so much in love with little baby already. I talk to him all of the time. I love you little man!!




Shutterfly has deals for these 8×8 photo albums all of the time. I FINALLY made one!!! We had a photo session on October 20th for Fall, and I just had to create something with them, and this is what I came up with, along with Thanksgiving cards that I ordered through Vistaprint.

I love paper projects!!!

Here’s our photo album. It only took like two hours to create. You just have to make sure you have all the pictures on hand that you would like to use. It was so much fun and turned out so wonderful!!! I got the promo code after I made a baby purchase at Food Lion.

Here is a link to my Fall Project!:



I am so proud of my son! He finally nursed for a long period of time today! At the hospital he would nurse consistently for the two days we were there for 20 minutes or more at a time. This morning he nursed on the side opposite and for 16 minutes at that!!

It’s been 6 weeks!! I’m so proud of my boopie!! Way to go Daniel, and happy 6 weeks old!!

Olympus PEN E-PL1

My Olympus came in the mail yesterday and I’ve been going crazy taking test shots! It’s been such a blast!! I’ve been into photography for as long as I can remember, and finally my own DSLR camera. Um! I’m so excited!! So, here’s what I have. I’m 39 weeks and 1 day pregnant today!!

Just call me, Maternity Mama ~ In Pink! 🙂




And. Armed with an Olympus PEN E-PL1 DSLR cam.


25 Weeks, 2 days!!

How far along: 25 weeks, 2 days!
Total Weight Gain: Omg I’m at 22lbs gained since pregnancy! My OB told me not to worry too much because he suspects me to gain between 25-35 for the entire pregnancy since I started off small @ 127lbs!
Stretchmarks: Can’t tell, but that pregnancy line is getting darker!!
Sleep: Omg, bad lately. Wake up aching!
Best Moment This Week: Wow, feeling him tumble in my belly!!!!
Movement: His rolling!!! We felt it once and tried to film it but he wouldn’t let me hehehe. Also, he is most active around 3pm daily 😉 Makes me smile.
What I Miss: At 25 weeks, I miss not having to waddle. I miss not having back pains. I miss being able to go more places ~ not that baby is restricting, but I gotta have some energy first! And, tolerance!
What I am Looking Forward to: Painting his room letters. We bought the color today. “Seafarer” from Valspar.
Milestones: Baby’s heartbeat was 140 at our most recent ultrasound 🙂