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From “Dreamer” to “Do-er!”



I recently experienced the most heavy hitting blow that I’ve ever experienced in my career in higher education. I was closer than close to what I call “my dream job.” After two stellar interviews for the same position, my dream came crashing down when I saw that this position was re-posted for others to apply to. That means that they did not choose me.

How could they not choose me? Every CLUE, and action, and WORDS SPOKEN, pointed… To me. I was crushed. My heart hurt so bad, for two weeks straight because I hadn’t guarded my heart (Proverbs 4:23) closely enough, preparing my mind for what could very well be the end result.

My world came crashing down before me. I got rejected. My first major blow. It hurt so bad because it was something that I really, really wanted — I mean — I thought about it, dreamed about it, prayed about it, talked about it and studied for it — and oh my goodness, they loved me too! And, the worst part of all was that I would never know why I wasn’t chosen.

Do Your Work

My husband and I’s friends called to pray with us on the phone later that week. One said: “Whitney **did the work**and got her master’s degree.”

“…she did her work!”

Yes, I “did the work” by earning an advanced academic degree. I was now qualified. I started my master’s in 2015 and finished my master’s in 2017. Between then and now, I’ve carried and gave birth to my 3rd son in 2018.

Between 2014 to 2019 I feel like I have been unintentionally “dreaming” for 5 years about my career aspirations, instead of “doing” more to achieve it. I may have earned my master’s, but I’m not working in my field… I was not actively in a place of “do,” but instead stagnant in a place of just “be.”

This was a wake-up call from my dreams– an alarm clock. This entire experience was almost like I was in an exploratory world– I got to see what could be, in every sense of a career and what it means to be “well-off,” that one could ever want. I got a taste of what it means to go after what you want… and to win; and it tasted really good. I wanted more of the possibility of winning– being chosen. I wanted more of that!

So, today I say that this year is my year of “DO” it instead of just “DREAM” about it. Do more! Do MORE work! I will progress in my career this year. This year, I will DO. Doing your work does not make you exempt from rejection, it just gives you more strength to endure the rejection.

God’s Comfort

God came in through scripture and through dedicated time spent with Him in His word and comforted me during this time. Close family and friends prayed with us on prayer phone calls, and God also came in through messages delivered during weekly church services. God came in and calmed my weary soul regarding this situation of rejection that we had recently experienced, and the terrible pain of not knowing what went wrong in the decision process. He said that there is more, and to put my trust in Him alone- and not man (Psalm 118:8).

He’s teaching me to curb my expectations and to “keep going.” No matter what- keep going; keep applying to careers, keep developing your resume, and keep the faith.

None of this would have ever happened had I not stepped outside of my social apprehensions, did my work, took a risk, and went after what I wanted. Had I not stepped out on faith, yes- I would have been safe from rejection. Yet, still stagnant in my career.

Let this be your year of DO, and not just DREAM. DO YOUR WORK!

Be encouraged, because Jesus knows that I am!!


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Quote of the Day


I am thoroughly enjoying this quote by author Zora Neale Hurston: “Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking & prying with a purpose.”

I found this quote on Twitter when I was browsing the #blkgrad hashtag. it piqued my interested because it gave me an ‘aha’ moment. I love writing, and even formalized writing, like what I am engaged in currently for my graduate school curriculum. Not only does it give me an outlet, but it propels my curiosity even further. I oftentimes find myself asking Google to “define” a number of words for me, just because I love vocabulary and knowing about that I am actually reading.


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Graduate School

ASU Mountaineers

Hi Friends,

I have been accepted into graduate school for the Spring 2015 semester! God is so merciful! I never would have imagined this journey that He is leading me on and I must express my wonderment. I was talking to a coworker this morning and she said that she was a student, a young mother, and had a full-time career when she pursued her master’s degree (just like me,praise the Lord)- come to find out- the degree I am pursuing is the one that she obtained 15 years ago- only then it was called Instructional Systems! I am going for my master’s in Educational Media at Appalachian State, which is very closely related to Instructional Technology. The LORD is good! Thank you JESUS for setting my feet on the right path, hallelujah!! Thank you for confirmation upon confirmation this morning, Jesus. You are worthy!!

HALLELUJAH! Won’t He do it! A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps! Hallelujah JESUS for setting my feet in motion- loving You on today and always! [Proverbs 16:9], I said I don’t know WHY I’m going back to school but hallelujah He has chosen a way for me and HE said walk therein!! He will confirm his Word every time. You may doubt Him, but I can’t live without HIM! 

Thanks, Lord!

Your Daughter,

Whitney ❤