The Park!!

The Park!!


Myrtle Beach Vacay! Me n Hubby!

I’ve been waiting to blog like this, and just call boop my “husband” and ugh, it’s a great feeling! I told him I was more excited about the marriage and honeymoon than I was about the actual wedding!! For one, the marriage is what lasts, and the wedding is one day!! WE HONEYMOONED IN MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA! Sweetie had never been to Myrtle Beach, if you can believe it! My family and I grew up taking trips to Myrtle Beach so it was a DELIGHT to see him there, happy and enjoying his first time on their beach. WOW, so much fun!!

We knew we wanted to do something small for the day after the wedding, like  a short vacation since Daniel had to go back to work that mid-week. So, we took a short 3 day, 2 night trip to the beach! Let me tell you!! It was so amazing! We got to relax out on the shore, walk in the water and just enjoy each other! We had VALET PARKING the entire time we were there! I tell you, our brother CJ is the best– this was his wedding gift to us. Oh God is good! So, valet parking every day. Any time we wanted our vehicle, we just called the valet service and it was out back waiting for us! I felt like such a princess! Imagine waking up every day to this!

boo with his new shades hehehe!

An entire kitchen, big refrigerator, stovetop, coffeemaker– dishwasher!! Washer & dryer!! Wooo!! I was so elated! We had a good time! The joy of the Lord, when he sets every thing in motion, there is nothing that you Will lack! We went to the grocery store to pick up some water and cold cuts for the cooler, and a beach chair for Daniel. We even stopped in one of the WHALES and EAGLES shops to purchase a set of sun shades! We were styling! Daniel had his cute straw hat and I brought my blue beach towel. We enjoyed hanging out and being newlyweds!!

we were on the 14th floor! (that building behind me!)

It was so great riding along the strip, Ocean Blvd. I tweeted from Foursquare, how I was on the strip with my beloved. I felt like we were cruising! On Cloud 9! It was almost like were were in a drop top, cruising along the shore with the wind in our faces! HUMM!! I’m in love!! Nothing can stop us now, oh glory the JOY of the Lord is my strength, I feel like giving God glory. Thanks, Jesus! ❤

Our suite was glorious, balcony overlooking the ocean– we were on the 14th floor!! I took a photo from our balcony:










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